Tyler 2nd Birthday

Dear Tyler,
Happy 2nd Birthday.
  • Thank you for showing us that you can’t raise 2 kids the same way.
  • Thank you for asking for a napkin even though you have a habit of wiping everything on your shirt first.
  • Thank you for making sure that your spaghetti is nicely displayed on the kitchen floor when you eat.
  • Thank you for washing your own face after dinner even though you missed a “few” spot on your chin.
  • Thank you for entertaining us every time you hear Music…at the mall.
  • Thank you for asking to go poop…even though there won’t be any action until 2 hours later..which until then, you still remind us every 10 minutes that you need to do number 2
  • Thank you for pointing to your teeth and reminding me that you have brushed it so that you can get your Lucky Charm Marshmallow…which remind me to throw away another Marshmallow-less box of Lucky Charm.
  • Thank you for saying “I DID IT!” …beacause how would we know that you just put your shoes on backward.

…Yes you did. You made it to 2.


    Thank you,
    Dad & Mom


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