Enjoy the show


Life has been busy with Aidan’s T-Ball.  When we are not at practice, we are practicing at home.  When the TV is on, it’s on the MLB channel. Our movies even consist of the Sandlot (which Aidan said “I love that movie”) and Moneyball.

I am so proud of him for being so patient with the game (so much in fact, we are thinking of putting him in Golf). This child continues to amaze me every week. Going from standing there and letting the ball roll by him when we started the season, to now fielding the ball correctly. He even takes a shot at hitting homeruns of which he has hit a few (one almost hit Uncle Simon on the head because he was talking trash).

Every time he gets better I continue to expect more. It’s hard not to when you see so much potential. But, I found out that it’s HARDER to just let the child learn to love the game for himself.

I was watching MoneyBall with the wife the other day.  This song came up. I can’t help but to think how fitting it is for all the parents out there (including myself) that have these grand visions for their kids.

So, now, when I have the urge to tell Aidan “You need more Practice,”  I just have to remind myself to Enjoy the Show.


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